Huntsville Hamfest
Aug 19 & 20, 2017
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Huntsville Hamfest Directions and Parking

The Huntsville Hamfest is held at the Von Braun Civic Center, 700 Monroe Street, Huntsville, AL 35801. See their map here.
(GPS Coordinates: 34.7270°N, 86.5918°W)
This shows the parking facilities in the VBC area. If you plan to park in the parking area under the South Hall (P2), enter via Pollard Street from Clinton Avenue.

Of course our talk-in station will be available to you if you need further navigation aid. The talk-in will be on the 146.94 repeater and the backup in case of failure will be on the 147.30 repeater. No PL tone required during the hamfest.

For more info during the hamfest, other repeaters are: 145.33-, 147.18+, 147.24+, 443.500+, and 444.575+