Huntsville Hamfest
Aug 17 & 18, 2019
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Flea Market
Youth Lounge

Come and visit the Youth Lounge!

For the young and young-at-heart! Come and take part in all the fun things we are doing.

The Youth Lounge is open all day (9:00-4:00) on Saturday. We'll be in the corner, at the other end from the main entrance. Pass the stage and the concession window, and you're almost there. Come by and see us!

Kit Building: Like building kits? Never built a kit but you'd like to? Come on by and we'll help you build a Morse code oscillator.

Robotics: See a US First Robotics competition field with competition robots
Get to drive small robots on the field and earn a Robot Driver's License
Build and run a Doodle bot (drawing robot)

3D Printing: Learn how they work and watch several different types of 3D printers in action.

Scavenger Hunt: The always fun "hamfest scavenger hunt". You'll see things you've never seen before! Talk with new people! Learn about all sorts of things related to ham radio!

Fox Hunt: Ever participated in a foxhunt? Come and find out just how much fun they are!

Ham Radio Crafts & Fun: Morse code bracelets and necklaces, and the ever-popular Morse code Bingo!

Operating: Never talked on the radio? We'll help you get started? Don't have a license? We'll help you get started!

Radio Merit Badge: Boy Scouts — Come on by and we'll help you get started on your Radio Merit Badge!

Basic Electronics: Intro to circuits class with hands-on learning (new this year)

Intro to Arduino Programming: How to get started programming an Arduino board (new this year)

Questions? Have questions about Ham Radio? We'll be there to help!

Fun!     New Friends!     Giveaways!

Don't miss out!!!