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One complementary display table is provided to clubs or groups that exist solely for the advancement or enjoyment of amateur radio as space allows. If you’re not sure if your group qualifies as a club, some of the general characteristics that we normally look for in making the “club” determination include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • A club website containing membership roster, meeting place and schedule, dues amounts, or other club characteristics.
  • Evidence of a club organizational structure including listing of club officers or a Constitution and By-Laws.
  • Affiliation with ARRL or other well known Amateur Radio organization
  • Advertisement of the club in QST, CQ, or other amateur radio publication.

The location of complimentary tables is determined solely by the dealer show chairman and is subject to change as the Hamfest layout matures. Requests for specific locations will be considered but approval is not guaranteed. Depending on the final show layout, some tables may end up being located in a full size booth or out in the pre-function hallway near the registration tables.

Complimentary tables shall be manned at all times during Hamfest hours both days.

No marketing of commercial products or services is allowed to be conducted from complimentary tables. Memberships or incidental items such as club pins, buttons or patches are allowed.

Complimentary booths do NOT include admission, complimentary lunch, or any other amenities normally included with a commercial booth. 

Power and other additional items are available for purchase for the following costs:

Extra items:     Power ($70.00)           Extra table ($50.00)                Admission tickets ($12)

If you have questions, please contact the dealer show chairman at or (256)783-5676

I acknowledge that I have read and will comply with the Huntsville Hamfest Vendor Policy    **Mandatory in order for form to be processed.