2024 Huntsville Hamfest Helpers

Volunteer registration for Hamfest 2024 will be active here, check back soon.  

Hamfests large and small rely on teams of dedicated people to assist the vendors, dignitaries, forum presenters, and all visitors before, during, and after the event.  As a volunteer, your efforts are indeed noticed.  A gesture as simple as a smile and an offer to help move an item registers in their mind as the thoughtful interaction it is.  Door checkers are necessary at any public event

You can help the Huntsville Hamfest continue as “The World’s Friendliest Hamfest” by signing up to work a few hours.  Any licensed ham is eligible to pitch in.  Workers signing up for more than 4 hours will be provided an admission button, a lunch ticket for the day they work, and 5 raffle tickets.