2024 Huntsville Hamfest Booth Registration

If you would like to take part in our event, please fill in your details in this Registration Form choose your desired booth(s) sizes, extras and payment option below and submit.

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PRICING: All prices shown are totals for the weekend and WILL increase after June 15. All payments are due by July 1st. Each booth space includes the indicated number of tables, two chairs, wastebasket, tall back drape, short side drapes, parking, and lunch both days. Email a sketch of non-typical table placement if necessary. There may be an extra fee added by the VBC for additional items ordered during move-in day so make sure to include everything in this order that you think you will need.  

Single Booth: $250 ($300 after June 15)

Corner Booth: $300 ($350 after June 15)

End-Cap Booth: $550 ($650 after June 15)

Carpet (per 10×10 booth): $100 ($125 after June 15)

Extra Dressed Display Tables: $40 ($45 after June 15)

Extra Extra Storage Tables: $30 ($35 after June 15)

I acknowledge that I have read and will comply with the Huntsville Hamfest Vendor Policy    **Mandatory in order for form to be processed.


*** PLEASE NOTE*** When Paying by mail please do so at your earliest convenience. Payment is due no later the July 1st. Booth(s) will be subject to reassignment if payment is not received by deadline.