Revised 2 March 2023

The Huntsville Hamfest offers different types of exhibit space depending on the type of merchandise offered for sale.  Placement of vendors is determined by the following criteria:

DEALER SHOW:  The dealer show is open to any and all vendors and exhibitors who wish to display at the Hamfest. Priority for booth space will be given to amateur radio, electronics, and computer related businesses and exhibitors, with others welcome as space permits.

Commercial vendors are welcome to use their own pre-manufactured custom booths in lieu of tables but must fit within the standard booth dimensions. All others must use dressed display tables provided by the Hamfest. Vendors are welcome to use their own company table skirts.

Vendors who require more (or odd-shaped) floor space due to non-standard displays will be allowed on a space-available basis and will negotiate a special booth price prior to the show.

For additional information about the Dealer Show, refer to the Dealer Show Information sheet located on this website.

FLEA MARKET:  The flea market area is primarily for the sale of used ham radio equipment, computers, other electronics, and related items. Commercial vendors selling lower priced items that do not compete with dealer show vendors are welcome as well.

Items that CANNOT be sold in the flea market include, but are not limited to:

  • Ham radio equipment, computers, other electronics, and related items priced more than $150 per item which carry a new factory warranty
  • Commercial computer software priced more than $150 with a new factory warranty
  • Antennas priced over $150 with a new factory warranty
  • Ham radio related name badges, t-shirts, or caps.

Examples of items that ARE allowed to be sold in the flea market include:

  • Used, surplus, reconditioned, or factory over-run equipment that carries no factory warranty
    • New or used component piece parts such as resistors, connectors, and wire/cable
  • Computer shareware

Craft or other non-electronic type items are allowed on a limited basis with approval by the Flea Market Chairman. If you’re not sure if your merchandise is allowed to be sold in the Flea Market, PLEASE ASK prior to the Hamfest!

In order to maintain a flea market atmosphere, no commercial signs, banners, or other displays containing company names or logos will be allowed above flea market tabletop height in the flea market area, unless approved by the Flea Market Chairman.

Vendors are responsible for any items sold from his or her table(s). Vendors that misrepresent items purchased by customers may be prohibited from selling and future flea market table rental.

CLUBS and GROUPS:  Clubs, groups, and similar organizations that exist solely for the advancement or enjoyment of amateur radio are allowed one display table in the hamfest at no charge as designated by the hamfest committee on a case-by case basis and as space allows. No marketing of commercial products, flea market items, or services is allowed from complimentary booths, except memberships or incidental items such as club pins, buttons or patches. Complimentary booths do NOT include admission, complimentary lunch, or any other amenities normally included with a commercial booth. Power is available in complimentary booths for the same cost as in commercial booths. If you reserve a complimentary table and are unable to attend, please inform the dealer show chairman by email as soon as possible.

The following policies apply to ALL Hamfest vendors

Requests for booth or tables are considered pending until payment in full is received. Payment can be submitted online by using the appropriate Dealer Show or Flea Market Hamfest shopping cart located at Payment may also be paid by check mailed to P.O. Box 12534, Huntsville AL 35815. Commercial dealers must include a booth request form. Do NOT send forms or payment to the VBC address!!

Dealer Show booths and Flea Market tables for which payment has not been received by July 1 will be subject to reassignment.  Be sure that the name of the company or contact name is listed so proper credit for the payment can be given. If you were not here in 2021, contact the dealer show chairman or flea market chairman to confirm availability of your desired location before sending payment and registration form.

CANCELLATIONS and REFUNDS:   Before July 1, cancellations will receive a full refund of any payments received at that point. After July 1, refunds are NOT guaranteed but will be considered upon request at the discretion of the Hamfest  based on timing and circumstances. In either case, the vendor of record or representative must submit a request for refund in writing to the respective Chairman as soon as possible stating the reason for the request (email is acceptable). Upon notice of intent to cancel, the cancelled booths/tables immediately become available for reassignment regardless of refund status.

SALES TAX: The Hamfest does NOT collect sales tax forms or payments. We are however required to submit a list of all commercial dealers present at the Hamfest to the taxing authorities after the show. All retail sales at the Hamfest are subject to 9% sales tax distributed as follows: Huntsville City 4.5%, Madison County 0.5%, and Alabama State 4.0%. Detailed instructions regarding methods of payment to the different taxing authorities will be provided in the commercial dealer package that you will receive upon arrival.  It is the responsibility of each dealer to know what sales are subject to sales tax.

LEGAL:   By occupying any type of display space at the Huntsville Hamfest, each vendor agrees that all items of merchandise offered for sale at the Hamfest, any vendor-owned equipment for use in a vendor booth, or activity sponsored by any vendor, shall comply with applicable safety and usage policies and regulations of the Von Braun Center and Huntsville Hamfest. Failure to comply with this provision by a vendor can result in dismissal of any individual or the entire vendor party with no refund. No food or drink sales are allowed by the Hamfest vendors. No animals are allowed in the Von Braun Center except service animals.

COVID-19:   By attending Huntsville Hamfest, you are acknowledging that an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present.  By attending Huntsville Hamfest, you assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19 and agree not to hold Huntsville Hamfest, Huntsville Amateur Radio Club, American Radio Relay League, Von Braun Center, or any of their directors, officers, employees, contractors, vendors, or volunteers liable for any illness or injury.  The Huntsville Hamfest will follow all Federal, State, and Local guidelines which means that vendors must wear face covering at all times and no more than 2 people are allowed to be inside a single booth (10’x8′ area) at one time. Please note that the COVID mandate may change after this printing. Updated policies will be provided at move-in.